Solidarity is the way through the crisis.

Creating social Security and ending fossil fuel dependencies

In the face of sharply rising prices we remain in solidarity with Ukraine and also call for a policy of solidarity at home as well, which at the same time, sets the stage for ending dependence on fossil fuels. Millions of people need reliable relief, support and social security, but investments to address the long-term climate and environmental crises by ending dependence on fossil fuels must not be postponed. With demonstrations in Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover and Stuttgart, as a broad civil society alliance we want to bring thousands of people onto the streets on October 22, 2022. 

The government must not play social and environmental considerations off against each other. It must tackle both so that we can all get through this crisis safely.

Specifically, we call for targeted relief for those who urgently need support, including in the form of direct payments, an affordable successor to the nine-euro ticket and a protective umbrella for essential services. In addition, an overall strategy for sustainable, and affordable, basic services must be developed. A crisis-proof future requires massive investments in climate protection in the areas of infrastructure, public transport and agriculture.

The challenges can only be met with a fundamental change in financial and budgetary policy. The „traffic light“ coalition in the national government (the SPD, Greens and Liberal FDP) must finally impose an appropriate burden on capital, and oblige the wealthy to show solidarity in order to prevent society from breaking apart and at the same time, set the course for climate policy. Specifically,we propose taxing windfall profits, a wealth tax for the most affluent, the suspension of the ban on most budgetary deficits (Schuldenbremse) and the dismantling of environmentally harmful subsidies.